Time Sheet (v 2.0)

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Complete Feature set

Time34 timesheet features:

Time34 Web timesheet suite is an integrated suite for time record, time tracking and time billing software. The Time34 suite of products delivers a time tracking solution for professional service providers. Each of our products has been designed to meet the time tracking needs of specific segments of the service provider market, including both time tracking and time and billing applications.

TimeSheet TimeSheet
                  Time entry day view for entering full day timesheet in just one server hit, or week view for entering full week.
                  Organization setup including: departments, locations, roles , clients, client departments, locations and contact...
                  Different type of off day monitoring like sick days, vacations etc.
                  Client setup with client contacts and client departments
                  Configurable timesheet approval paths (work flow). Example:  Team lead --> Project manager --> Client
                  Reports with all possible filter selection to get your required output.
                  Different timesheet reports for based on client, project, employee, date, task, departments
                  Timesheet approval status report
Task tracking Task tracking
                  Nested Task with task hierarchy
                  Task can be add with fields title, description, project, billable, milestone, parent task, duration, due date, estimated cost, estimated time. 
                  Task setup with multiple assignees for single task.
                  Dashboard view showing All open task / All Reported Task
                  Project based open task summary view
                  Task comments, attached documents ...
Time Billing Time billing
                  Applicable date range with full history of billing rates
                  Configurable billing rate options: Employee own billing rate, Role based billing rate, or Project specific employee billing rates
                  Different billing type setup like hourly / task based / call based
                  Seperate billing rate for different configurable work types like overtime, standard.
                  All time entry reports with filter of billable / un-billable tasks.
Expense Management Expense Management
                  Expense entry view for employee to enter their expenses occurred on project.
                  Billable / un-billable expenses.
                  Multi-currency expense management with exchange rate history.
                  Automatic tax calculation with zone based tax defination and rates.
                  Attaching documents and receipts with expense entry.
                  Detail reports for monitoring expenses by project, employee, or expenses
                  Approval of Expenses with customizable 4 different approval paths:No Approval, Team Lead, Team Lead --> Project Manager...
                  Expenses approval monitoring
  Project ManagementProject Management
                  Project setup, predefined project template.
                  Assigning of projects to multiple employee
                  Different dashboard view for project manager, team lead and team member.
                  Different report to track and monitor overall project status.
                  Employee attendance (time card): Punch in and out with a single mouse click
                  Restrict employees to punch in and punch out from a designated PC using IP address checking. (Restricitng entry to work IP for example)
                  Managers can view run real-time reports on employee time data. Employees can run reports on their own time data
  Email Notification Email Notifications
                  Enable / disable options of email notifications at project level, employee level and system level.
                  Task add / update notification
                  Pending time entry / time sheet approval notification
                  Timesheet approved / rejected notification
  Security PermissionsSecurity and controls features
                  Customizable Role based security
                  Active directory integration
                  Audit Trail
 Other features Other features
                  CSV Import / Export
                  Customizable email templates.
                  Exportable reports in PDF and XLS file.
                  International characters support (Unicode, utf-8)  & multilingual support
                  Custom Reporting with pre-defined powerfull reports
                  QuickBooks Integration
Time34 Payroll add-on features:

Basic Payroll automatically calculates earnings, based on the entered employee timesheet information.
Calculate payrol based on regulare, overtime, sick pay, vacation pay, and bonuses.
The module contain no predefined taxation information, users can defin the deduction and taxation types per location.
Click here for more information.
Time34 Acccounting features:

Stay in control of your business using the integrated accounting module where all your financial information is in one place. As the timesheet application already contain your employee, clients, and billing information having the acounting module add on is the right choice to manage your accounts.
In addition as an online module, you will have the freedom to work where and when you want, allowing for the the convenience of printing off an invoice from a client's office, doing a quick job on the weekend without having to drive to the office, or checking in while traveling.
Fully GAAP and IAS compliant and supports the Sarbanes-Oxley auditing and security required features.
General Ledger: Fully Customizable Chart of Accounts, Fixed Assets, Asset Depreciation, Budget by General Ledger Account, Bank Reconciliation, Supports from 1 to 14 Periods, Currency Exchange Rate Tracking, Simple Period-End and Year-End Close, Realized Gains & Losses on Currency Transactions, Full Audit Trail, Reversing Entries GAAP & IFRS Financial Reports
Accounts Receivable & Order Entry: Orders, Quotes, & Contracts, Convert Orders to Contracts and Contracts to Orders, Unlimited Customers, Invoices & Credit Memos, Customer Specific Pricing, Easy Cash Receipts Process, Service Orders & Service Invoices, Returns, and Job Costing & Tracking.
Accounts Payable & Purchasing Purchase Orders & Debit Memos, Checks Print to Blank Check Stock, Receiving, Void Checks, Partial Receipts, Unlimited Vendors, and Payment Approval Process.
Reporting service with 33+ reports: Income Statement, Chart Of Accounts, G/L By Account, G/L By Date, Check Register, A/R Aging Detail, A/R Register, Item Sales, Item Sales Detail, Customer Sales, Customer Sales Detail, Customer Profitability, Item Profitability, Open Invoices, Customer List, Project List, Item List, A/P Aging Detail, A/P Register, Item Purchase, Item Purchase Detail, Vendor Purchase, Vendor Purchase Detail, Vendor List, Open Purchase Orders, Tax Authorities, Tax Groups, Sales Tax, Employee List, Commission Report, Time Detail, Time Summary...
On demenad custom reporting service: ask for a report and we will create and add it to your account.