Time34 Referral Program (RP)

Program Active since 1st of Nov 2010 (RRPP program replacement)

Time34 launched the new Referral Program (RP), giving current customers an opportunity to reap the benefits of Time34's expanding market share. By giving back to loyal customers, Time34 hopes to deepen business relationships while broadening adoption of its software using one of the strongest marketing tools available—word of mouth.


Under the Referral program, a partner provides a lead referral introduction and contact information to Time34, allowing the sales team to contact the lead and demonstrate the capacity of the Time34 Timesheet. Time34 understands the significant role personal relationships play in generating interest in leading edge services and management. By encouraging clients to discuss the benefits of Time34 with contacts, Time34 hopes to capitalize on the positive experiences clients have had with the software and pave the way for new, mutually beneficial relationships.



Referral Partners are compensated 10 percent of the service total monthly sale on a monthly basis, when a referral results in a monthly service license of more than a 100 users between Time34 and the referred customer.


The Referral Program is available now. Potential partners can apply by sending an email to RRPP@time34.com

Once approved, they may submit a referral to earn extra credit. RRPP program partners note: all RRPP accounts are now migrated to the RP program.

Referral and Retention

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